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The Past Year

Sport fishing aboard the... {short description of image}With Capt. Al Anderson


Seminar Speaker again for RISAA's N.E. Salt Water Fishing Show, RI Convention Ctr., March,'04, Honored with the 2005 AFTCO Tag/Flag Tourna. IGFA Bluefin Tuna Award (Capt., 14th Award in my career). Published a preliminary paper in UNDERWATER NATURALIST on the tag-recaptures of my Thames River, CT over-winter stripers. T/R my 40,000th career game fish (striped bass), my 28,000th career striper, learned of my 1,500th striper recap., and marked just under 100 bluefin for the NMFS. Thanks to conservation minded clients, over 4,200 game fish carried away tags in '05. Continued my IGFA Corner column in RISAA's Newsletter, active in RISAA's PAC Committee, authored several articles on TUNA, T/R my 11,000th Thames River striper for the ALS, conducted SEMINAR/SLIDE SHOWS in MA, CT & RI, and authored six articles for The FISHERMAN magazine.



BOAT IS A REAL FISH'N MACHINE... The PROWLER is a 42 ft. NC Custom Express twin diesel (900 Hp) Sportfisherman with tower and full electronics. Her increased speed (23 knot cruise, 450 nm range) and comfort will allow us to take greater advantage of both inshore and offshore fishing opportunities. If you're looking for a world class fishing experience without undue travel, GIVE US A TRY.



BOAT & BUSINESS is presently FOR SALE; contact Boats Unlimited, Paul Larson at www.BoatsUnlimited.Net or call (401) 783-6100, or e-mail boatsunlimited@aol.com. Also try Peter Fisher at www.YachtWorld.com/fishyachts or call (860) 884-1702.


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