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Captain's Message

Sport fishing aboard the... {short description of image}With Capt. Al Anderson


MY THANKS to all those wonderful clients for making the '05 season such a successful one, not only inshore for stripers, & blues, but offshore for cod, tuna, dolphin, bonito & sharks too. My long-term experience, coupled to proven equipment, not only made us one of the most successful & busiest boats in the business, but allowed us to continue creating sport fishing history as well. In early '06, at the IGFA Banquet in Palm Beach, FL both the IGFA and the AFTCO Tag/Flag Tournament honored clients and myself for catching/tagging the most bluefin tuna in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico for the '05 season. Since 1989, I've been recipient of this Award on fourteen occasions. Many understand and appreciate my strong commitment to quality fishing, which brings them back year after year. If you plan to join us in '06, better make reservations now…


Capt. Al with his 10,000 Career Taged Striper


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